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Lauren Young in Treatment

Photo by Dr. Adam Gavsie

I first stud­ied Reiki over 30 years ago.  In the inter­ven­ing time, I have pur­sued a num­ber of other dis­ci­plines and ther­a­pies, most recently the Sur­ren­der Method of Cran­iosacral Ther­apy taught by Sey­mour Brus­sels and Rodolphe Meyer from Paris and Geneva. Over that 30 year period, I self-treated reg­u­larly in order to open my own energy path­ways.  Early on in my devel­op­ment, I came to under­stand that the fun­da­men­tal build­ing block for a human being is not phys­i­cal, but ener­getic.  That the soul (or fuller self) expresses itself through the phys­i­cal and emo­tional realms and that it is this flow of energy that feeds our devel­op­ment and our health.   Through per­sonal research and study, I have accu­mu­lated a set of pow­er­ful tech­niques to com­pli­ment my intu­itive abilities.

My unique com­bi­na­tion of train­ing, ener­getic per­spec­tive, intu­ition and open path­ways allows me to offer the patient a wide range of heal­ing poten­tials.  In a nor­mal ses­sion, I spend a lot of the time work­ing in the energy fields sur­round­ing the body, from a dis­tance of one inch to three feet.  By clear­ing and bal­anc­ing a person’s sub­tle ener­gies, the nat­ural health of their being can become fully expressed in their phys­i­cal and emo­tional bod­ies.  My treat­ments are “whole being” treat­ments that can touch every aspect of your self, allow­ing you to reach a greater state of ease and help­ing to elim­i­nate the dis-ease in your life.

My treat­ments have proven to have pow­er­ful and last­ing results for my clients on all lev­els – phys­i­cal, emo­tional, men­tal and ener­getic – help­ing them to achieve their own per­sonal goals more fully and more quickly.

To illus­trate how broadly this ther­apy can help peo­ple, please review the list­ing below. In some cases, I was called in as the pri­mary treat­ment method, while in other cases I was act­ing as a com­pli­ment to other treatments.

  • Preg­nancy and Birthing (more com­fort, less pain)
  • Can­cer (improve effi­ciency and reduce side effects of chemo and radiation)
  • Pain relief (back pain, mus­cle and joint pain, carpal tun­nel, arthri­tis, headache)
  • Stress reduc­tion and deep relaxation
  • Sports injuries and car acci­dents (quicker, more com­plete recovery)
  • Neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­ders (dyslexia, atten­tion deficit, depression)
  • Enhanced immune sys­tem for quick recov­ery from infec­tious disease
  • Post oper­a­tive recov­ery (quicker and more complete)

For an appoint­ment or for my con­tact infor­ma­tion, please see my Appoint­ments page.

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